The History of Rock'n'Roll according to HalfChicken

T.H.R.A.T.H. is a web serie basically made of paper sheets thrown around while we play somewhere. Each episode covers the life of one of the rock'n'roll heroes we love the most, people like Oscar McLollie, Guitar Slim and Bobby Charles are all there. Also, you might find someone who isn't exactly a rock'n'roll guy... but a true rocker anyway!
All the videos are made in glorious one-shot sequence. Subtitles availabe. 

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Audio recording, audio editing and video animations: Melo Clemente, Luca Mazzola
Video recording, cinematography and editing: Antonio Raimondi
Intro theme: Luca Mazzola
Old fashioned radio show host: Bradford Rogers
thanks to Roberta Miano (fiddle) as Tommy Jackson and Smokey Lohman
also thanks to Lauma Saicane and Magda Loriano
recorded at Piccolo Teatro Patafisico